Other Calls and Rosin

Pocket Turkey Call
The personalized Dick Turpin Pocket Turkey Call is a smaller version of a friction call that literally fits in your pocket. The box and the striker are connected with a nylon lanyard and make sounds similar to the box call.

Deer Grunt Call
The Dick Turpin Deer Grunt Call is a personalized call that makes a realistic buck grunt. The advantage is that you can change the tone of the call as you strike it by opening or closing your hand over the sound port.

Dick Turpin Rosin on your friction call is far better than chalk because it doesn't draw the moisture that chalk does. The friction that rosin creates makes an outstanding hen turkey call.


Instructional DVD
In the "Talk Turkey with Dick Turpin: Box Call Basics" instructional DVD, I show you how to
use my box call, walking you through the the purr, cutting, the cluck and several other common calls. 
The video also includes some hunting footage and a
few classic Turpin bloopers.

Presentation Set  
The Cliffe Hollestelle Presentation Box set is a must-
have for any call collector.
 Learn more here.


Water Repellent

Dick Turpin's "Boogers" Natural Wax Water Repellent is excellent for use on tents, gloves, packs, duffels and other items where sealing out water is desired. Rub Boogers on, keep water out!

Handcrafted Knives 
These rugged, all-purpose knives are carefully handcrafted by my good friend Dudley Moore and me (hence the small double D emblem engraved at the base of each blade). The quality high-carbon blades are made from old buzz saw and cement blades - and are very easy to sharpen. Choose from two blade styles - the Plainsman and the Hunter - and several handle styles (in order shown below): cocobolo, bocote, cedar, antler, and walnut. Oak and osage are available on request. Each knife comes with our handcrafted cordovan leather scabbard. Please let us know if you want a snap closure. Dudley and I would be honored to make a handcrafted knife to your specifications.

The Plainsman Blade

The Hunter Blade

Handle Styles

(Cocobolo, Bocote, Cedar, Antler and Walnut - Not pictured: Oak and Osage)