The Construction

I start each of my calls with a solid block of walnut. After shaping the top of the box and removing the center of the call, I attach the lid and test strike each call. When the desired tone is reached by thinning the walls of the call, the bottom is attached and the call is treated.

The Treatment

When Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari began building his incomparable violins in the late 1600s, he developed a wood finish for his immaculate instruments of sound. Since my calls are also an instrument of sound, I seal them with the same type of lacquer. It is made with a mixture of black beer, turkey

blood, and rabbit manure. In theory, black beer contains a lacquer, blood or red wine is used for color, and rabbit droppings (when boiled and strained), contain an acid. Each call is hand dipped and hung to dry. Once dry, they are hand rubbed with a commercial lacquer.

The Personalized Touch

Each call is numbered and dated as it is completed. It is also personalized on the bottom with
"Handmade for (Your Name) by Dick Turpin."

My calls are not made in advance, I make them as they are ordered. Because of this, your call will be numbered with the next consecutive number, I cannot special number them for you.

Each call comes with a supply of rosin (which I believe is more durable and produces a better sound than chalk), a brochure that includes tips, background information about my calls and a personal wish to you. I encourage you to consider one of my Value Pak sets, which all include an instructional video.

My Guarantee

I craft each call with great care. The workmanship and sound are guaranteed. If for any reason you are unhappy with your call, please contact me. I'll either give you a full refund or take a stab at making another call to your liking. I want your turkey hunting experiences to be rewarding and hope that the Dick Turpin Box Call is an important part of your success.